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Pre-Game & Afterparty – H2Oi 2011 GTG Parties

So here’s the game plan. Once we arrive to Ocean City Thursday night. It will be time to chill and scout the areas for alcohol supplies and nom noms and maybe get some GTL going. Afterwards, there are two get-togethers (GTG) you must attend. Friday evening, KlutchRepublik & Canibeat are hosting Pre-Game once again [...]

OEM concept Ocean Blitz Sponsor (1)

OEM Concept – Ocean Blitz Sponsor

If you’re original, stylish and love to switch up shoes often you’re going to want to check out OEM Concept’s one piece, three piece and OEM spinoff wheels sets. Many of the drivers will be sporting their rims on our way down and it’s not to late for you to order a set if you [...]

Unitronic Chipped Models

Unitronic Chipped – Ocean Blitz 2011 Title Sponsor

The Ocean Blitz 2011 is presented and powered by none other than Unitronic Chipped. Always implicated in the scene at every stage of the game, their passion for power and the VW/AUDI scene in general is unmatched. Take full advantage of their ECU tuning software to enjoy a unique and unforgettable driving experience. Ocean Blitz [...]


Euromedian – Media Coverage

Euromedian is ‘your source for all things euro’, as they put it. Danny Kegel and Lindsey Hall put this website together to bring their viewers coverage and features of the Euro scene from all parts of Europe and North America. We are proud to announce that Ocean Blitz has joined forces with Euromedian to bring [...]

blitz flyer

The Web Flyer

The official Ocean Blitz 2011 web flyer is out!  Check it out and help spread the love! Remember you can always register by Clicking Here.


What’s in it for me?

Sure, driving from Montreal & Toronto, through Buffalo, down into New York and onto Ocean City is great… but WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? $25 gets you primo admission to the hottest North American rally that will cross international boundaries and leave you smiling from ear to ear. But clearly you want MOAR! So we [...]


2010 H2Oi Movie

Last year we put together a short video all about our experiences at H2Oi. Take a look at what this event is all about!    


AirSociety – Media Coverage

Jesse James and Rick from AirSociety are spearheading the Montreal leg of the rally. Specializing in cars with air suspension, AirSociety is a website unlike any other with tons of DIY & How To info on bagging your ride. With 5 years of experience and success with the Orangeball Rally to Waterfest, Rick brings tons [...]


Canibeat – Media Coverage

Cars, Culture and Lifestyle… what else can people ask for? Photographers from Canibeat will be present in Montreal and will travel all the way down to H2Oi 2011 with Ocean Blitz. Everyone knows Canibeat, everyone loves Canibeat… what else is there to say aside from join the rally and reserve your spot today!


FuelRiders – Media Coverage

FuelRiders are well known amongst not only the local Montreal car scene but throughout the world. Having covered everything from the F1 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, to the 2010 Gumball Rally; FuelRiders has got what it takes to bring top tier photography and direction to Ocean Blitz. Meet Paul from Fuel Riders at the [...]


What do Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, and New York City have in common?

They are the 4 cities uniting in the biggest rally ever made to H2Oi in Ocean City, Maryland this upcoming September 22, 2011! You don’t want to miss this one of a kind run bringing together the most gangster rides in North America from all over Canada and the North Eastern, USA. If you have [...]